About Us



"Tourism presents both opportunities and challenges for gender equality and women's empowerment." - United Nation World Tourism Organization (2010)

Women in Tourism Indonesia is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) (Indonesia as Yayasan Perempuan Penggerak Pariwisata reg. no. 5021032034101915) that embraces women who participate in the tourism industry by spreading awareness that 'they matter'. We want special measures to address the imbalances of ethnic minority, marginalized community, especially women by providing a platform where they can use freely to advocate their values and stories. Not only that, we also want our platform to be used as a place where women in the industry can create interchangeable conversations to build fresh ideas to develop our tourism industry. Our vision is to promote women's participation through better tourism work. This is in line with the global commitment to “leaving no one behind” as set out in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which strongly encourage countries to focus on achieving inclusivity, especially gender equality (SDG goal 5).

Our president recognized tourism as one of the leading sectors in Indonesia. In these past years, tourism has been creating opportunities and jobs for society. However, society in the industry often offers inequality for women that resulted in underpaid and undervalued. Given this, we realized that the role of women should be more appreciated and valued based on their capabilities, not the gender that they inherit. As we mentioned before, this issue is already acknowledged by the United Nations (UN) in their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that include Gender Equality as their concern. Consequently, Women in Tourism Indonesia (WTID) would like to embody their goal and also vocalize women's worth by spreading awareness and creating space for them to share their knowledge and experience.


Women in Tourism Indonesia (WTID) aspires to promote gender equality that is in consonance with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and inspire to raise public awareness about the importance of women participation in Indonesia's tourism sector.


- Women in Tourism Indonesia strengthen competencies of Indonesian women in the tourism industry, encourage our women to share, connect and network to improve their their skill.

- We advocate women in Indonesian tourism industry, promoting gender equality.

- We foster innovative creation, promoting inclusive development and increasing economic growth of Indonesian women in the tourism industry.