Our Values



We believe that our community should have fundamental beliefs to guide our outlook and help us to achieve the greater good. These are deeply ingrained in our heart and we want our community to feel this too :) We want to serve these values in a broad sense rather than limiting the perspective to our main issues. Because through this sense of vastness, we believe that everyone will have the responsibility to contribute, and together--we believe creating a better world in the tourism industry for everyone will be quickly possible.



We are open to connect with everyone to create greater autonomy


We believe that everyone has their own artful combination of autonomy, commitment, and creativity to innovate.


We use everyone’s experience as a media to project our development


We want our community to value every community, social justice, and promote freedom.


These core values guide the way we operate in all facets, from our internal team to our contributors. We believe that Women in Tourism Indonesia belongs to everyone in the field who care about our issue to promote equality in the tourism Industry.


We want Women in Tourism Indonesia to evolve as a platform to engage our community from every corner of Indonesia.  We’ve entered a new age of cross-functional systems in which people will feel much more engaged and take more joy in what they do when we walk through the staged experience that everyone has and appreciate them intrinsically to feel connected and by this--we truly believe that this will cause lasting change to build a better world for everyone.


Empowerment gives teams greater capacity to take action and make decisions. Believing that everyone has their creativity to innovate and autonomy to decide can foster community spirit while encouraging initiative and risk-taking. Giving everyone power is a new experience, and one that requires guidance will be helped by others by encouraging everyone inside the community to grow by using their strengths, smarts, and talents. By this, at the end of the day, we believe everyone will have greater capacity to take action and make decisions and become the leader in the community that they are in. 


We believe educating can also act as a form of sharing, this can excel someone’s confidence and help others to develop their personal enhancement to define objectives in life. By educating, we should also become specialists in those lessons that are fundamental to living in harmony and social progress such as respect, empathy, equality, and solidarity. With these, we believe that achieving social inclusivity in the world of the tourism industry will become more foreseeable.


The principle that we are all equal is one of the pillars of democracy, and moreover, it fosters social inclusion and community life. When we value equality, this will help us to value social justice and freedom.  No matter what kind of physical, mental, social, religious, political, educational, professional differences that you possess--we want these to be embraced. Because we believe when everyone is treated fairly and has equal opportunity will be better able to contribute socially and economically to the community, and to enhance growth and prosperity to create a better world.