Annisa Siti Nurhayati – Manager of Nganggring Tousim Ecovillage


Annisa Siti Nurhayati – Manager of Nganggring Tousim Ecovillage

Being a woman doesn't mean we're weak. Where we stand, there we must thrive. If you must act, then do it.

- Annisa.

In developing countries, women in rural area have the capacity of reflectig the social, economic, cultural, and politic changes to the region. In this respect, understanding women in rural wih their role in new production activities is important to recognize the changes in globalisasing world. Reformation of rural tourism culture by making women an important part of tourism can contribute to social status of women and their participation at different areas from their traditional working areas

Get to Know Annisa

Annisa graduated from Education Program from Yogyakarta State University. She llive in Nganggring, Girikerto, Turi, Sleman. Currently, She’s working as a junior high school teacher. In the community, She’s active as Nganggring tourism village manager. She also take part as a member of Ikatan Pemuda-Pemudi Taruna Mandiri.


Nganggring Tourism Village

Nganggring tourism village is a tourism village which focused on educational tour with Etawah crossbred goats breeding as its main attraction. Other than that, Nganggring tourism village also offers Salak fruit cultivation, Salak fruit and Etawah crossbred goats' milk processing, and jemparingan* as a tour package.  

She started to participate in managig the tourism village since 2017 as a secretary. In early 2019, the management underwent a restructuring and she was appointed to be the second leader of the organization. Then, a year later in January, the first leader resigned from his position so she became his successor. As a leader, Annisa take the responsibility include managing human resources, coordinating activities, and being responsible for their implementation, coordinating with related agencies or institutions such as the regional tourism office, tourism village forum, etc.


Annisa’s biggest motivation

She thinks that her biggest motivation is herself. Nganggring community, the farmer group, and her friends have also played a big role in her life. Furthermore,  Annisa really appreciate the services of the leaders who have fought a lot for the Nganggring tourism village, some of whom have died. She learned that they had high hopes and had done a great amount of effort for Nganggring. So, Annisa as a member of the succeeding generation, was moved to take part in the business.