Our Impact

We decide to calculate our impact in 2 years as we have tremendous achievement in our second year after Women in Tourism Indonesia was established! We created Women in Tourism Indonesia as a community in 2019 and after one year in the industry, we are lucky to receive a massive warm welcome and excitement from our women and partners--they advised us to legalize our community as NGO. Thus we decided to register our NGO by the end of 2020 and we became an NGO in 2021!

Impact is really tough to measure! Along the way, we learned through industry leaders and modeled our impact framework through their guidance. To begin, we analyze the issues' root cause of gender equality in the tourism industry, and here are what we found out: 

Based on these root causes and phenomena that we found out in the industry, we decided to launch our programs based on the above necessities which aim to improve or even better solve the problem in the future of the tourism industry.

We sent our performance survey through our social media via Google Form. The questions are about the outputs that we hope to achieve based on the above root causes. Meanwhile, for our newly launched program, WTIDcamp, we also use pre-test and post-test to measure directly the output that the students receive.


Our Programs in a Nutshell


Road Map


Programs Impact

We sent the questionnaire through Google Form and 86 samples are obtained from the survey. Here are our results!


Programs Impact

We use different approach to measure these achievements. We measure engagement through our Social Media throughout the years whilst the number of women, communities, and partners connected is calculated through the database that we have.