Fidarini Devi – Owner & Director of Limasan Tour & Travel

Get to Know Fida and her company does!

Fidarini Devi, a women who successfully started their own travel companies. She have been running her own small tourism business together with her friend (Zindy) called Limasan Tour and Travel. She mostly do management as well as promotion while her business partner does technical things.


Limasan tour & travel is apublic service that provides travel and tourism-related services to the general public on behalf of accommodation or travel suppliers. It can provide outdoor recreation activities, package tours, car rentals, and other services. It’s already 5 years. Fida was delighted to embrace her new leadership role and even more motivated to affect positive change within her team of employee.


Her Biggest Motivation

Motherhood is truly a remarkable gift and a privilege for Fida. Being a mother means to be fearless, to be a positive role model, and to be more productive. When it comes to business motivation, of course as a traveler, her passion and hobby combined with the growing hospitality business in Yogyakarta are the main reasons she run this business. She said, "I'm proud because as a mother I still can work and encourage other women"


The Challenges faced by travel agencies

She have been working in my company for almost 5 years since It was funded in 2016. The challenges are always about competitions and growths. The increase of tourism business especially tour and homestay business  in Yogyakarta is challenging for Fida. She have to completely find a creative way to survive and beat my competitors. All things considered, the key to success as an intern is to be a great teammate.


I am proud to be involved in the tourism sector, especially Tour & Travel industry, dont worry! Being a mother does not preclude you from being successful, enjoying your life, or feeling fulfilled.