Nur Dwi Ariyudhanti – Guest Service Agent, Sheraton Mustika Hotel


Nur Dwi Ariyudhanti – Guest Service Agent, Sheraton Mustika Hotel

The hospitality industry has one of the highest numbers of female employment of all industries worldwide, with women making up approximately 70% of the global workforce. However, the vast majority of women stay employed in low-level positions.The 2019 Castell Project Report, found that women comprise just 11% of hospitality company leadership positions, including managing director, president, partner, principal and general manager.


Get to Know Dhanti

Dhanti graduated from Vocational Tourism Department in 2017. Since then, her journey has begun in hospitality industry. She worked in The Alana Hotel Yogyakarta during the beginning of her career. However, she currently works as guest service agent in Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Resort & Spa, a five star hotel which is recently collaborated with The Mariott International. Having relevant passion with her education, Dhanti also remarked that she loves getting know people from different backgrounds. She feels really lucky to work in an industry that is never stop for 24-hour because she has been so curious about it which make her productive and gain a lot of new things from the industry.

The biggest encouragement for her is to prove the world that all women who work in tourism industry are able to develop their own career regardless stereotype that they may perceive.


The interesting part of Dhanti’s Job

Dhanti said that her role is very critical cause as a front-liner, she should be able to represent the hotel. Moreover, as a front-liner she also need to mitigate any kind of complaints from the guests. Therefore, it's such a challenging role for Dhanti because she should be adaptable and being a fast learner herself to deal with any kind of issues.  In the process, furthermore, being fluent in foreign language is also important in her occupation as foreigners are parts of her customers. She said, “I find my way to keep learning and be confident at the same time, because we can always ask our seniors. Moreover, my role is easy to connect with all departments. I think it is good to be communicative!”


Dhanti’s biggest achievement

Dhanti thinks if we can give extra efforts, we can receive lots of the best things ahead. She would love to encourage all women who work as a hotelier to be genuine and generous. She said, “It is such a great achievement for me when I could handle VVIP and VIP guests. I once experienced at giving service one of Indonesian Ministers which I think I did a good job there!”

Dhanti’s Perspectives About Gender Equality

As a woman her self, Dhanti thinks it is important to give our best shot. In the hospitality industry, Dhanti encounters ups and downs almost in every season. As for instance, due to Covid-19, her workplace is highly impacted. Thus, she needs to keep holding on and believe that this too shall pass. Women's participation in modern-tourism industry nowadays has been growing incredibly competent. It's because most of women and men have an equal education. In addition, The power of diversity for both of them are really influential to reinforce Indonesia's tourism sector.