Zahrah Ratna Sari: A Passionate Woman Who Championing Sustainability Aspect In Tourism Industry

 "Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities" -UNWTO

Zahrah at Six Senses’  backyard (Source: Personal Image by Zahrah Ratna Sari)

Hello, Fellow Companions! Let’s meet a passionate woman who champions sustainability in the tourism industry!

Starting from seeing job vacancies on Facebook, Zahrah Ratna Sari or more familiarly called Zahrah had the opportunity to get involved in the tourism industry, especially hospitality. Having a passion in the field of sustainability is the reason for taking the job offer. Zahrah is currently working as a Sustainability Manager at Six Senses Uluwatu, Bali.

Six Senses Uluwatu is a luxury resort located in Uluwatu, Bali. Six Senses is unique in that it not only offers accommodation like other luxury resorts, but also has a vision to provide opportunities for self-reflection and enjoying the natural beauty of Bali. The natural beauty offered by this resort is extraordinary because it is located on a cliff directly facing the Indian Ocean. Six Senses has 3 main pillars: wellness, sustainability, and artisan experience

Six Senses Uluwatu, Bali (Source:

 It Gives You Opportunity to Grow..

Women assume many roles in the tourism industry, as guides, business owners, leaders, managers, and many more. Sustainability Manager in the tourism industry is still a quite rare position. Their work slowly entered established practice. Six Senses is a resort that focuses on making sustainability an aspect that is highly considered in development. Zahrah explained further about her job as a Sustainability Manager. Sometimes it can be challenging to find a solution for a problem since there is no one to consult with. therefore, she always needs to be creative and curious.

Zahrah shares her perspective on the sustainability aspect, especially in the tourism industry.  Sustainability is about balancing the ecosystem, economy, and equality in the community. It is vital in the tourism industry because without a ‘healthy’ ecosystem and the local community, there will be no destination for tourists, hence no tourism.

“Sustainability is about surviving!” - Zahrah

Everyday adventure: Gain a New Perspective

In addition, Zahrah's previous work did not channel her passion in the field of sustainability. Therefore, Zahrah participates in various volunteer activities related to environmental and animal conservation in Indonesia. She has been an active volunteer for the Center for Orangutan Protection from 2016 until now. Most of the activities she does are helping with articles translation. In 2018  She helped BKSDA Bali capture an illegal wildlife trader. As we know, Illegal Wildlife trade in Indonesia has been rapidly increasing in either the domestic or international market. Based on data by Maria Voigt, a researcher from the German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research, She found that 150.000 Borneo Orangutans were lost between 1995-2015.

Zahrah with friends while doing volunteer work in Trash Hero Indonesia (Source: Personal Image by Zahrah Ratna Sari)

On top of that, Zahrah has been an active volunteer for Trash Hero Indonesia since 2018. Trash Hero Indonesia is a volunteer community that cares about the environment, especially to protect the environment from plastic waste, where plastic waste is a type of waste that takes a very long time to be broken down. Since the end of 2019, Zahrah has been the chapter coordinator for the Jimbaran area. Almost every weekend She coordinates beach clean-ups with volunteers in the Jimbaran area.

“Such an exciting and rewarding experience!” – Zahrah

Equality creates sustainability

Sustainable tourism in Indonesia requires a huge improvement in order to catch up with the demand and trend of the global market. Currently, sustainability is seen only as a ‘nice thing to have’ and ‘unnecessary expensive investment’. Meanwhile, research shows that more and more tourists put ‘sustainability’ as one of their reasons to pick a destination. It will take a joint effort from the government, private sectors, and community to create a shift towards a more sustainable destination.

To create a sustainable tourism environment in Indonesia, Zahrah argues, women play a vital role. Naturally, women carry different traits from men; multi-tasking, nurturing, and more customer-centric. In the hospitality industry these traits are highly beneficial, and on top of that, with the global demand for sustainable tourism, we need all hands and as many boosts as possible. Therefore, Zahrah hopes that women can work hand-in-hand to reduce women's inequality in the tourism industry.


“Without sustainability in the tourism industry, soon there will be no destination for tourists to visit, and that means no tourism!” – Zahrah



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