Happy World Tourism Day 2020

27 September 2020

Happy World Tourism Day, fellow companions!

The 2020 World Tourism Day, with the theme of "Tourism and Rural Development", celebrates how tourism take roles in providing jobs and opportunities for communities outside the big city by preserving cultural and natural heritage all around the world.

Antonio Gueterres, the UN Secretary General aware that in the 40 years since the very first World Tourism Day, much has changed. Demand for travel has soared. The world has opened up, allowing more people than ever to explore the globe and its different cultures.

Thousands businesses and millions of Indonesians depend directly and indirectly in tourism industry to put food on the tables. People who might be otherwise have been in the marginalized community found decent work through tourism. Women and youth, in fact, are the most benefited from the industry. They contribute to promote the economic growth by increasing their family welfare, creating peaceful and stable societies. Tourism industry live up to the continued growth and deeper diversification as fastest growing economic sector.

The pandemic has suffered tourism sector enormously. Millions of jobs are at risk. We even aware that this has affected vulnerable countries aswell as islands where tourists represent majority of the exports.

So let's use this day to foster awareness among the international community. Take this crisis to rethink how tourism should build better opportunities shared by all and act more resilience towards the challenges. Take this event to ensure that the development of tourism industry should consider fair distribution and stability in enviroment, socio-culture, and economic values. Let's us altogether contribute to the growth of tourism industry and deliver the promise of Sustainable Development Goals through this industry to leave nobody behind.



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