Equality in Tourism Associates' First Dialogue

03 Agustus 2021

Hi fellow companions!

We are honored to announce that Women in Tourism Indonesia (WTID) is officially associated with Equality in Tourism! Equality in Tourism (EiT)   is a non-profit organisation working to promote gender equality in destinations around the world. 

As we have the same core values to voice women in the tourism industry, we want to strengthen our network for women who participate in tourism industries. We believe our voices will be getting bigger and stronger if we act together.

Our first meeting with EiT associates was conducted on the 1st of July 2021 and was attended by 15 representatives’ women in tourism from all across the world including the UK, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Belgia, Kenya, Uganda, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, India, Nepal, etc.

From our discussion, we figured some challenges such as invisibility, precarious nature of work, corruption from the governments, and policy change that need to be tackled in regards to the working environment, chance of employability, as well as entrepreneurship for women in tourism industries.

Regardless of the challenges, we strongly believe that women in the tourism industry still have plenty of opportunities to create wider connections and enrich their knowledge and experience by sharing their concerns beyond borders. We also hope that by having this dialogue, we can support our rising generation and admirable women to tackle the status quo and create the future that we want to achieve.

We genuinely hope for 5-10 years onwards, we will be able to involve more in decision-making without being apprehensive of the male-dominated environment. We hope that our women can work without the harm of sexual harassment and any unsafe work environment. This also means that we hope that our women can eventually have equal opportunities in any work form to eradicate the pay gap difference between genders in the industry.

Moving forward from our first agenda, EiT associates agreed to meet quarterly and we will be seeing each other again virtually in October 2021! We will make sure to update you guys about the discussion that we are going to have so that we can conquer the challenges in this industry together!

Stay tuned! :)


Anindwitya R Monica 


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